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Have you ever read a novel with an amazing story only to be distracted by errors throughout? I’m here to help with that! Having a second set of eyes view your work is a great way to eliminate errors you may have missed. I’ve received training in proofreading, copy editing, and line editing in order to spot errors you may not notice. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management. My education and experience provide me with skills in writing, research, critical thinking, communication, management, decision-making, and more. 

In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, along with romance and a non-fiction book here and there. I like to peruse a little of everything! Because reading and helping others is a passion of mine, I enjoy helping writers perfect their message. Contact me so we can get started polishing your next masterpiece!

—Jessica Berry

Book Editor and Proofreader

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“After speaking to Jessica, I was sad we lived so far apart we couldn't brainstorm in person! But despite geography, I was confident about her ability to do the work. Jessica "saw" my voice right away, and her edits included grammar but also went deeper—making sure things felt right, made sense, and fit with the characters. I loved that she understood what I was doing and came along for the ride! The only hard part of working with Jessica was that I had to wait for my turn. (I'm not naturally patient!)
I recommend Jessica and have actually already recommended her to my screenwriting partner!”

—Sara Dahmen


In order to serve you best, I make sure to keep our communication as transparent as possible, and my inbox is always open!


I keep communication and interactions friendly and profesional, being respectful of you and your time.


I have a certificate in proofreading, copy editing, and line editing in order to assist you with polishing your manuscript for publishing according to industry guidelines.