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Editor, Proofreader, and Founder of J. Berry Editorial


J. Berry Editorial specializes in fantasy, science fiction, romance, and speculative fiction, from short stories to novels; however, I edit all genres.

I pride myself on keeping the author’s voice intact while making suggestions

and having open communication to make the process as transparent

and smooth as possible.

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About Me



Have you ever read a novel with an amazing story only to be distracted by errors throughout? I’m here to help with that! Having a second set of eyes view your work is a great way to eliminate errors you may have missed.

I’ve spent countless hours training in proofreading, copy editing, and line editing in order to spot numerous errors that you might not notice. Additionally, I enjoy working with clients in order to make sure I maintain your voice while making corrections. I believe this is one of the most important aspects as an editor. My job is to get your unique message across to readers.

As far as education, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management. I also have a certificate in proofreading and copyediting from Edit Republic. My education and experience provides me with skills in writing, research, critical thinking, communication, management, decision-making, and more. 

In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, along with romance and a non-fiction book here and there thrown in for good measure. I like to read a little of everything! Because reading is a passion of mine, I enjoy helping writers perfect their message. Contact me so we can get started polishing your next masterpiece!


My Services

For blog posts, flash fiction, short stories, websites, or other short works under 10,000 words, an hourly price starting at $30/hour will be charged upon assessment of your work.


starting at $0.015/word

  • The last step before publishing
  • Corrections in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typography
  • Checking obvious facts
  • Checking style guides and maintaining consistency

Copy Editing

starting at $0.018/word

  • Correcting typos, basic grammar, punctuation
  • Making style consistent: spelling, capitalization, hyphens, dashes, italics, ellipses, etc.
  • Flagging content inconsistency
  • Verifying basic facts
  • Flagging plot holes, potential libel, potential copyright issues, confirmed anachronisms, and repetition (both content and verbal)
  • Flagging ambiguous vocabulary, awkward phrasing, and jargon and making suggestions
  • Flagging repetition and making suggestions

Line Editing

starting at $0.030/word

  • Copy editing
  • Suggesting improvements to word usage and scholarly tone (in the case of academic texts)
  • Addressing issues with flow and overall tone
  • Flagging plot holes, potential libel, potential copyright issues, confirmed anachronisms, repetition (both content and verbal) and making suggestions
  • Feedback on content and, for fiction works, critique of plot development and characterization
  • For nonfiction and academic works, identification of under-supported points and undeveloped arguments
  • Basic formatting

Finding J. Berry Editorial on Instagram made me hesitant and wonder if she was as professional as I needed. However, she made the process as easy and painless as possible. I loved Jessica's edits and the fact that she was willing to put up with my micromanagement. The weekly updates were very helpful and honest. I would definitely recommend her because Jessica managed to edit without taking away my voice and hard work to make it sound like her or anyone else. It was a joy working with her!

Kirpa SinghProofreading Client

My biggest hesitation going into the editing process was not knowing what to expect. I was concerned about whether my voice would be understood, and I had this image of big blocks of text being scratched out in red.
The thing I enjoyed most about working with Jessica was that everything was laid out in the beginning. From costs to due dates, I knew what to expect.
The process was simple, efficient, and less stressful than I anticipated.
I would certainly recommend her services! I would also use her services again myself for future projects.
I sincerely appreciate her help in making this project more tangible for me. Having a professional eye on this book gives me much more confidence going through the self-publishing process.

Christine HillLine Editing Client

Jessica is very professional, thorough, and kind. What I enjoyed most was the speed with which she responded to my numerous emails and the thoroughness of her work. I'll love to work with her again and again. I have no hesitation recommending J. Berry Editorial to anyone who needs the services of a humane, professional, and swift line editor and copy editor.

Moses Owojaiye

Thank you, J. Berry Editorial, for your amazing work! After your copyediting and line editing, I was more confident to self-publish my short story. Definitely worth it!

B.N. KumarLine Editing Client

I met Jessica in my most desperate hour when I was in the throws of publishing my first book. I had sued my first editor and was looking for someone to fill that void. Jessica came in and was professional, timely, and accurate.

Desmond WilliamsCopy Editing Client

Love what Jessica did! She was on time and wonderful with all of her suggestions and advice.

Randa LewisClient

We writers are landscapers. We hew and cut, plant and prune. It needs an able reader to wander through our world and help us celebrate what works well and what needs alteration. Jessica’s insightful comments have allowed me to see what flourished, and just as importantly, what needed to be altered or elaborated on, to ensure the story flowed. My work will be a stronger, more cohesive piece of writing because of her input. I have no hesitation in recommending her services!

Richard BarryProofreading Client

I'm always a little bit hesitant when it comes to working with editors and proofreaders because of their pricing . . . I loved and appreciated Jessica’s patience with me. I know my response time isn't the best. The process was easy and straightforward. I definitely will recommend J. Berry Editorial and use her services again.

A'deara ChavisProofreading Client

I am so grateful for the feedback and edits that Jessica provided. I am a first time writer, and she gave me confidence with my writing material. I feel confident that she can polish any material to be precise in the point being conveyed!

Crystal AlbaProofreading Client

Working With Me

Working with an editor can be a daunting task for any writer. There are many questions that you might have, including questions about the process of working with me. Below, you will find a short list of what it is like to work with me on your project.

  • Look over your work first to make sure you have all details complete and you are ready to receive input.
  • Contact me to get started.
  • Have a conversation either by phone or email to discuss the project and expectations.
  • Send a sample of the project to me for a quote.
  • Sign a contract to protect both of our work and pay a deposit.
  • Receive your personalized welcome packet.
  • Enjoy open communication throughout the project.
  • Review the edited or proofread manuscript.
  • Receive an included revision.
  • Ask any additional questions, and pay the final invoice.


I have had the pleasure to work on a variety of different projects. Below you will find recent projects I have edited or proofread.

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